Vagabond Questions


Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith CEO


1. What information will you need?

It may seem daunting gathering information for your taxes, especially if you need several years of tax returns. We at Vagabond know that you don’t want to spend unnecessary time and energy trying to figure out what is needed.

We have a simple questionnaire which you will receive once you request our help. It will ask for personal identifying information, details of all of your income (earnings, capital gains, rents, interest and dividends) and all of your expenses (housing, taxes, investment), and finally information relating to your time abroad (living situation, time spent back in the U.S.). Our goal is to make it simple for you. If we need additional information, we will ask you for it.

2. Are my documents secure?

We know that you want to ensure that your data is safe. To guard your privacy and ensure that your documents remain secure, we ask that you send all personal information through our client portal. All communications using Vagabond Tax ShareFile are encrypted using either Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols and up to AES 256-bit encryption (the same measures used by banks). For day-to-day communications and questions, feel free to email your accountant, but for documents, please use your personal login to upload information, and we will do the same when sending your tax returns to you. This way only you and your accountant have secure and easy access to documents.

3. Who will be my accountant?

At Vagabond, we strive to match you with a local accountant and/or an accountant who has handled similar country specific issues to yours. You can rest assured that all of our accountants are expatriate experts and have a variety of resources available to ensure that you get the best service. We want you to get to know your accountant and will try to assign you the same person each year so that they will have personal knowledge and experience with the specifics of your tax situation. All of our accountants at Vagabond have been recruited specifically for their knowledge of expatriate taxes. They will work with you from start to finish, gathering documents, answering questions and reviewing your tax returns with you.  Vagabond wants to offer you the personal touch that so many other firms out there can’t give you.

4. What do your fees include?

We offer a flat-fee pricing in which we try to include most forms that the average expat would require. To review our exact pricing, click here.

Once we receive and review your information, we can advise you if you will need additional forms and what, if any, additional cost there will be.